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Here we inform you about actual changes in our Product and Services. We also keep you up-to-date and give you tips to the general trend developments in our industry.

We have the intention to keep you well informed and so we try to up-date this page every 4 weeks or so..

Check the information in the following list:


Press Release July 2005:


Omnilogic announces Pegasus will be its supplier of Billing and Analysis products and services for its world-wide customer base



Press Release 24 February 2006:



Pegasus releases ON-LINE (Near Real Time Network Measurement) NEAt


Press Release 27 January 2006:


Pegasus releases N.M.S Version 1.00


Press Release 28 April 2006:


Due to popular demand from our customer base we have decided to add the following GROUP CALL feature. Version NW7-8n of NEAT will offer a FOOTPRINT which will indicate using co lour scheme how a group call used the cells in the system. This for every group call. As a result it will then be possible to better estimate the effect of Group Calls on the system. You can see the first footprint version screen in the picture at the top of this page!


Press Release 12 November 2007:


Pegasus Network Systems Limited Summary announces yet another new Pegasus NEAt TETRA Installation! 


Press Release 14 August 2008:

Discover Your Networks’ True Potential with PEGASUS ------- ON-Line, Automatic, Everywhere


Pegasus Network Systems Limited Summary: Pegasus announces that it is now known as Pegasus Network Systems Limited and it has new head-quarters in London .

PEGASUS delivers Network Engineering Analysis Tool software for CDR analysis of EADS (NOKIA) TETRA DXT SWITCHES in Public or Private Mobile Radio Systems

(Above an example report from the PEGASUS Network Engineering Analysis Tool)


Press Release 30 June 2009:


Pegasus said today (30 June 2009) that it has successfully celebrated the first anniversary of the supply and operation of its digital TETRA NEAt Software Solution for the continuous monitoring of the “HEALTH” of the EADS professional mobile radio system for a company in Germany.

According to Pegasus, the German customer has celebrated its first anniversary for the usage of Pegasus N.E.A.T. (Network Engineering Analysis Tool). It really is rocket science! said the Manager of Operations in Pegasus who supports the customer. It solves the problem and allows the customer to really see what is going on in the PMR network because it does not just produce standard reports rather it supplies as well investigatory tools for usage by the engineers – like the new “Channel Sampler Tool”.


The customer is completely happy and anybody is invited to visit to see this successful installation at the customer’s site


Press Release 20 Feb 2010:

Pegasus releases a new SERVICE based NEAt System solution. Contact Pegasus for more detail.


We have tried to present here all of the most relevant and important information related to our industry.

Many Thanks for your interest.