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1. You need to measure either the "historical" performance or the "near real time" performance of the network to know whats going on in your network, i.e. how is it performing.


2. You need to check Alarms and Thresholds that have been pre-defined for the network

3. You need to check whether the SLA (Service Level Agreement) is being maintained?

4. You need to check what level of "dropped calls"/failed calls (KPIs) are being experienced in the system?

5. You need to check for "defective base stations"

6. You need to check overloaded base stations

7. You need to check for "sleeping channels/resources"

8. What capacity is currently being used and what capacity is available still for usage?

9. If mobiles are charged per unit....has a mobile been used or can I exclude it from the system and save service charge?

10. Who made which call to which number?

11. Did an Emergency Call really go out?

12. After a serious incident/ accident exactly what calls were made to whom and when?

13. If a nagging fault occurs in the system it is very important to be able to raise a correct question with backup information to the Service Provider to be able to get the fault fixed.

14. Independent Validation that QoS levels are being met.

15. System Acceptance

16. Observe System performance change after fleet changes.

17. Special information provision.

18. And of course you can also use NEAt to automatically produce reports for the Frequency Authorities.

19. You can also use NEAt to "model" the network using real data

20. You can also use NEAt to support "System Fault Finding"